Century Sportsman’s Club Fish & Game

The Century Sportsman’s Club (CSC) is a proud supporter of wildlife conservation throughout New England and across the world. 

CSC has been actively involved with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFW) for over 30 years. Each year we work with MDFW officials to raise ring neck pheasants through the MDFW Pheasant raising program.

Every year, the MDFW provides newly hatched pheasant chicks to be raised in our custom-built pheasant pen. Our dedicated members working on the CSC Fish & Game committee stay committed to providing fresh food, water, and shelter for the birds until they are ready for release in the fall of each hunting season.
All pheasants we raise are released on land accessible by legal licensed hunters including MDFW and DCR pheasant stocking areas.

Many years ago, our energetic and enthusiastic club members built and maintained controlled locks and pools to raise trout in order to help stock local streams and rivers. This project ended in the mid-1970’s proving too costly to maintain.

Today CSC maintains a beautiful 10 acre spring-fed pond that is stocked with trout annually. Along with beautiful stocked trout, the pond also holds several other species of fish to be caught by members and family or guests. Some sizeable bass and perch have been caught by the lucky few!

The pond is also accessible for small boats, canoes and kayaks. No gas-powered motors are allowed.

The CSC Fish & Game committee helps coordinate group hunting and deep see fishing trips, game dinners, and works with local scouting organizations to help promote youth sporting activities and wildlife conservation.

CSC Fish & Game Chairman, Ed Langevin, (508) 832-2211